The world political, economic, banking and corporate system in all countries is based on CORRUPTION. Corruption means greed, conspiracies and cover-ups. Governments, corporations and organized crime are all one in the same. This corruption is on such a huge scale and inter-connected in such a way that most people can not believe it or could not figure it out. This is what has caused most nations and people of the world to live in poverty while a few nations and people retain all the wealth and power. Show me a politician, government agency, bank, financial organization or corporation and I will show you how they are involved. The world is a big place but we already know the main group and the mode of operation so pinpointing specific cases is not that difficult. We are here to help you understand the system and hope you will find your own way to fight it. We DO NOT have the answer to our problems in the world but at least we know what the problem is and are fighting it in the only way we can. Join the team and at least know you have done your part...sleep well when you do.

The second problem in the world is the one which allows the corruption to flourish...The Mainstream Media, which is totally controlled by the government, and corporate interest. We do not make this claim lightly, without reason and personal knowledge.

During one phase of our undercover investigations we worked in a high level government public relations office. We helped prepare the daily official government propaganda articles which were hand delivered to the news wire services which were in turn picked up by major newspapers and medias worldwide and reported as truth. What was reported contained basic information with a government spin designed to confuse and intimidate the general public into supporting the corrupt government.


This practice is standard procedure and is never questioned by the Mainstream Medias or the audience....This is the problem which must be addressed or the government will always control the people and the problems of government control are only will get much worse!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Global warming hoax exposed by MIT Professor

Before you become a victim of Al Gores hoax, check some facts. You can begin with this article. You do remember Al Gore, right? He invented the Internet, saved everyone from the hazards of smoking by increasing cigarette prices to $9 a pack, started the worlds first anti-corruption summit for world leaders and now wants to save the world from self destruction by Global Warming. What a guy! Definitely my hero!!!!!!!!

Washington official: McCain believed to be mentally ill by Washington republicans

In a completely unintended and accidental conversation with an official from the Dept. of Interior, who claims to be very close to some republicans on the hill, the friendly conversation turned to the economy and politics, after exchanging pleasantries about family, our kids and vacation time. The official seemed to be disturbed that people close to McCain consider him to be mentally unstable and that they are afraid to go public with their feelings. He claimed that these people worried that someone with possible mental disorders could actually be running for President and no one seemed to be willing to address it. Some of the phrases the official used about McCain included, ``LOOSE CANNON``, ``DELUSIONAL``, ``LAPSE OF MEMORY``, but the main feeling which was expressed was that McCain`s political aspirations to become President,( COMMANDER IN CHIEF), far outweigh his good judgement, honesty and even common sense. The recent statements he made about security in Iraq, his trip there to prove a point, his feeble attempt to discredit Michael Ware and his continued stubbornness to stick to his guns in the face of ever increasing criticism, along with incredibly unbelievable comments recently seem to be reason for anyone to doubt his sanity. He may have proven one fact which Bush has harped on for years, TERRORISM IS ALIVE AND DOING WELL. McCain is an extremely powerful politician, holding the keys to other powerful peoples lives and futures in his hands and if those people are terrorized into keeping quiet about their own beliefs while he continues to run for the office of President and specially if he wins, the war on terror will truly be a long one.